History of Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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Important dates:

  • 1901 - Establishing of German Mechanical Engineering College

  • 1907 - New building at Maria Sklodowska-Curie Square 5

  • 1919 - Establishing of Mechanical Engineering State School

  • October the 15th, 1929 - Change the name of school for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering State College in Poznan including separate Electrical Engineering Faculty

  • February 1930 - Electrical Engineering Faculty starts didactic activity

  • September 1939 - Activity of College and Faculty is suspended for 5,5 years

  • April the 15th, 1945 - College resumes its activity after World War II.

  • July 1945 - Graduates, who have been studied since April and break his study during the War, receive diploma

  • September the 3rd, 1945 - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering State College rearranges its structure to Engineering School with three faculties: Mechanical -, Electrical - and Building Engineering Faculty.

  • 1950 - Establishing of Part Time Engineering College (WSI) with faculties: Civil -, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Faculty

  • 1952 - Electrical Engineering Faculty introduces chair structure and establishes: Chair of Engineering Basics (head: Konrad Szukalski), Chair of Electrical Machines (Józef Węglarz), Chair of Electrical Measurement (Jerzy Penkala), Chair of Electrical Drives (Kazimierz L. Szymański), Chair of Receivers and Transmitters (Władysław Szubert), Chair of Power Networks (Jan Zborowski), Chair of Low and High Voltage Electrical Equipment (Bolesław Bielecki), Chair of Mathematics (Zygmunt Butlewski).

  • September the 3rd 1955 - In virtue of resolution of Minister Council Engineering School is being transformed to academic university namely Poznan University of Technology with rights to carry out Master courses.

  • November 1966 - Faculty receives the commission to confer Doctor Title in the field of Electrical Engineering

  • 1969 - Faculty receives the commission to confer Doctor Title in the field of Electrical Engineering

  • 1970 - Faculty changes its structure to Institute structure

  • Academic year 1975/76 - Transfer of Electrical Engineering Faculty from Maria Sklodowska-Curie Square to new building at Piotrowo Street 3a

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